This is EuRho® Vital

EuRho® Vital



EuRho® Vital is our strong pharmacy brand of high-grade food supplements for all the family.

We offer a wide range of products that provide the right balance of ingredients for different needs and all stages of life reaching maximum efficacy and supporting the human body in its own natural processes.

Focussing on sensitive consumer needs remains one of our key success factors that has led to the development of a wide product portfolio for all the family. EuRho® Vital is the brand that supports your ­customers throughout their entire lives and a brand that they can trust.

Our consumer friendly, clear and distinct packaging is easy to understand and provides all the necessary information to the customer. Our innovative design is very attractive to consumers leading a modern ­lifestyle.

EuRho® Vital food supplements fulfil the individual needs of each family member. Whether male, female, young or old the wide product portfolio of EuRho® Vital provides the appropriate product. Regardless of what is needed, our products contain vitamins and minerals in reasonable compositions and utilise an extensive range of plant extracts for special indications.